In January 1993, Nouhad El-Chami,  suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, causing  the left side of her body to be paralysed.

Nouhad, recalling her "dream" on January 22, said: "Two monks came towards my bed. One of them, St Charbel, came nearer, uncovered my neck, put his hand on it and said: I have come to operate on you."


When Nouhad woke up from the dream, she discovered two long surgical wounds on each side of her neck, completing her miraculous restoration to full health.

O Saint Charbel, you completed this miraculous surgery so people see and return to their faith and visit your hermitage in Annaya Lebanon, on the 22nd of every month to honour you, and The One who made you.


Today, we join millions around the world (especially in your beloved Lebanon) each 22nd with your message:



Annaya 22 Hoodie

Color: Black
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