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In the 1920's to 1930's the Catholic Church was attacked by the revolutionaries, who closed Churches and Catholic Schools and prohibited the sacraments killing many Catholic Priests and Lay Catholics.


Revolutionaries smashed Holy images, treaded on relics, threw around the Blessed Eucharist, even feeding them to the animals.


This battle for the faith raised up many valiant Catholics known as the Cristeros of Mexico who formed a wall using their bodies, standing in the face of this persecution as living stones built up in sacrifice and matrydom.


They lost their lives defending the liberty of Catholic believers so the faith may be preserved under the protection and patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe who appeared in Mexico 1531.


"Viva Cristo Rey! (Long Live Christ the King), Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!(Long Live the Virgin of Guadalupe!)", were the final words of St. Jose Sanchez del Rio who died at age 14 as a martyr. 


May we imitate this courageous love of Jesus and Mary shown by the Martyrs of Mexico.

Viva Cristo Rey HEAVY Tee

  • Body Width

    XS 43cm | S 47cm | M 52cm | L 56.5cm | XL 61cm | 2XL 64cm | 3XL 68cm

    Body Length 

    XS 65cm | S 71cm | M 75cm | L 78.5cm | XL 82cm | 2XL 83.5cm | 3XL 85cm

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