Militia Immaculata literally means “Army of the Immaculate One”.


The Militia of the Immaculata (MI) is a worldwide evangelization movement founded by St. Maximilian Kolbe in 1917 that encourages total consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary as a means of spiritual renewal for individuals and society.


In 1941, St. Maximilian was arrested by the Nazis and taken to the Auschwitz concentration camp. There he offered his life for another prisoner and was condemned to slow death in a starvation bunker. He died on August 14, 1941.


The blue and white stripes represent the colour of the prisoner suit that St. Maximilian wore when he breathed his last.


St. Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us!

Kolbe Crew

  • Body Width

    XS 48cm | S 51cm | M 54cm | L 57cm | XL 60cm | 2XL 63cm | 3XL 66cm

    Body Length 

    XS 69cm | S 72.5cm | M 75cm | L 77.5cm | XL 80cm | 2XL 82.5cm | 3XL 85cm