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CA is giving the world a tiny glimpse into the most mysterious and wonderous image ever produced on earth, the Shroud of Turin. It comes on a loose fit, oversized, hidden front pocket hood.


Scientists are so fascinated by this piece of cloth, they have dedicated their lives to proving whether this is truly Jesus pictured or not. 


So that you know, in brief, it is Jewish custom to wrap a linen cloth (Shroud) around the deceased body. This particular time though, miraculously - this winding sheet has no trace of paint, ink, dye or pigment, just blood type AB from actual wounds. No stains of decomposition.


Just blood stains of a man clearly showing scourge marks, puncture wounds from crown of thorns, pierced wrists and feet, a blood stained side -  all pointing to one thing: this man was Jesus Christ - who was crucufied, died, was buried and rose again on the third day.


Shroud of Turin Oversized Hood

Color: Linen Beige
  • Chest 1/2 Width

    XS 59.5cm | S 62cm | M 64.5cm | L 67cm | XL 69.5cm | 2XL 73cm | 3XL 76.5cm

    Body Length 

    XS 67.5cm | S 69cm | M 70.5cm | L 72cm | XL 74cm | 2XL 76cm | 3XL 78cm

    Shoulder to Shoulder 

    XS 60cm | S 62cm | M 64cm | L 66cm | XL 68cm | 2XL 70cm | 3XL 72cm