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Introducing CA ’90s style into your wardrobe.


This tee features the four marks of the Catholic Church found in the Nicene Creed. They are qualities that Jesus Christ shares with his Church through the Holy Spirit.


The four marks of the Church are that it is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.


The Church Is One

Just as God is one in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, so also is the Church one.


The Church Is Holy

The Church is holy because the Church lives in union with Jesus Christ, the source of holiness.


The Church Is Catholic

Catholic means “universal.” and has been sent to proclaim Christ to the entire human race.


The Church Is Apostolic

The Catholic Church can trace its lineage back to Jesus Christ who appointed Peter as the first Pope. Therefore, the Church is considered apostolic. This line of Popes (featured on the back of the tee) has continued unbroken for almost 2,000 years

4 Marks 90s Tee

Colour: BLACK
  • Body Width

    XS 43cm | S 47cm | M 52cm | L 56.5cm | XL 61cm | 2XL 64cm | 3XL 68cm

    Body Length 

    XS 65cm | S 71cm | M 75cm | L 78.5cm | XL 82cm | 2XL 83.5cm | 3XL 85cm

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