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Designed in Honour of Saint Charbel, The Wonder Worker of Lebanon.


Detached from the world in solitude, through poverty, chastity and obedience, Saint Charbel has taken his place among the greatest miracle workers of the Catholic Church.


Nearly every Maronite Catholic world-wide knows personally someone who has benefited from the healing power of Jesus, through His Silent Maronite Saint Charbel.


Over and over again, Saint Charbel works wonders when the circumstances seem impossible.


In the many dire circumstances we face today, no worldly solution can be found. For our own needs and those of so many others, let us invoke the powerful help of Saint Charbel with confidence.


Head Bowed Down, Show us the Way!

Kid's Saint Charbel Hoodie

Color: Black
  • Body Width

    S2 33cm | S4 36cm | S6 39cm | S8 42cm | S10 45cm | S12 48cm

    Body Length 

    S2 41cm | S4 45cm | S6 50cm | S8 54cm | S10 58cm | S12 61cm

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