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Introducing CA ’90s style into your kids' wardrobe.


This tee features the Maronite Saints.


After the death of St Maroun in 410 AD, his followers built a great monastery in 452 AD called “Beit Maroun” (which means “House of Maroun”) . This formed the nucleus of the Maronite Movement (Eastern Church).


St Charbel, St Rafqa, Saint Nimatullah AlHardini, Father Yacoub Alkbouche, Brother Estephan Nehme and the Massabki Brothers – Pray For Us!

Kids Maronite 90s Tee

  • Body Width

    S2 31cm | S4 34cm | S6 37cm | S8 39.5cm | S10 42cm | S12 44.5cm

    Body Length 

    S2 42cm | S4 46cm | S6 50cm | S8 54cm | S10 58cm | S12 62cm

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