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This apparel features the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which has converted millions of Mexicans.


Juan, was a Catholic swimming against the tide, who had the Blessed Virgin Mary appear to him instructing him to tell the Bishop to build a church in her honour.


Our Lady miraculously planted Castilian Roses in Mexico in the middle of winter! That alone was a miraculous sign since they did not grow in Mexico.

Juan did not realize until after he opened his cloak to show the roses, that image of Our Blessed Mother was emblazoned on his tilma. The Bishop and others in the room fell to their knees at this miracle and had the church built.


When asked for her title, it is believed that Our Lady used the Aztec Nahuatl word of “coatlaxopeuh” which is pronounced “quatlasupe” and sounds remarkably like the Spanish word Guadalupe: which means the one “who crushes the serpent.”

OLG Hoodie

Color: Black
  • Body Width

    XS 49cm | S 52cm | M 55cm | L 58cm | XL 61cm | 2XL 64cm | 3XL 67cm

    Body Length 

    XS 65cm | S 71cm | M 74cm | L 77cm | XL 79.5cm | 2XL 82cm | 3XL 84.5cm

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